As with land planning, our architectural designs are uniformly well-received because they spring from experience and a specific set of ideas about what makes good design. These ideas include the following:

Interior and Exterior Meet

Interior and exterior spaces need to come together. Our approach is to take nature and the outside environment and bring it into the unit. Narrow floor plates, rich organic colors and textures, and oversized windows are typical of our work because they connect the resident to the outside environment and ensure that the interior space has as much natural light as possible.

Points of Entrance

Points of entrance are very important. Residents should be able to open the entrance into a multi-family unit and see into, as well as through, the unit with as few walls or other obstacles as possible. Our distinctively detailed points of entry invite residents to feel good about coming home.

Freedom to Move through Plans

Multi-family design should allow residents to move freely from one point to another, without pinch-points, unnecessary corridors or wasted space. We bring this idea to bear on all aspects of our design, from open unit layouts to free-flowing clubhouse designs. Residents appreciate how these designs meet the needs of their lifestyles, and owners appreciate how efficient these designs are.

Ease of Construction

Constructibility is a key element of design. Plans should allow for the timely and efficient construction of multi-family projects, with minimal waste and as few preventable change orders as possible. Contractors should be provided with what they need to perform their job quickly and professionally.