James S. Carr, A.I.A. and Associates, LLC has considerable expertise with making medium- and high-density residential designs work on challenging sites. Our land plans are consistently successful because they are driven by the following set of ideas:

Site Synthesis

Before we start on any land planning project, we look at the land and all of its features. We take into account all of the physical constraints and advantages a site poses, such as the site’s topography, boundary restrictions, set backs, sources of noise, orientation to other properties and buildings, and access.

Regulatory Compliance

We develop site plans with an awareness of local codes and regulations. Early on we adapt or adjust our plans to the mandates of the government agencies under whose jurisdiction the property falls, thereby preventing costly changes later in the design process.

Scale & Identity

Land plans are a major driving force in establishing the character of a multi-family community. Land plans need to be carefully crafted to create a sense of scale and identity for the project. The points of entry into the site, the buildings and the units all need to work together to define for the resident a sense of arriving home.

Maximizing Efficiency

Maximizing the efficiency of a multi-family site is one of the most significant factors affecting the possible return on investment for any given site. For this reason, we devote significant creative energy to each land plan we undertake, ensuring that we achieve maximum target density without sacrificing the character or livability of the community.